Happy Canada Day

I have an overactive sense of fairness, which is one of my core values. Fairness means everything to me – it means everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits. I’ve struggled with some of the mortgage changes over...

How I Became A Mortgage Broker – April 2024 Newsletter

Please take a moment to read my latest newsletter. Topics covered are: How I Became A Mortgage Broker Walter Update The Return of 30 Year Amortizations for First-Time Home Buyers Are Fixed Rate on the Rise? Read Newsletter
Happy Summer

Is it Time to Lock into a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

This is Walter in his pride gear; Walter and I agree everyone deserves to be loved, to live as they wish and be who they want to be.  NOW that I have your attention - Please read. I sent this out a couple of...
Hand full of gold eggs

One Human’s Trash is Another Human’s Treasure 

Turn Your Unwanted Possessions Into Something You Want Have you ever considered turning your unwanted possessions into something you need? In these times of fiscal restraint, it can be hard to find ways to cover the extra expenses, but have...

The End of The Mortgage Pain Is On The Horizon

My Grandma always said, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything! So, here we are; it has been a couple of months since I sent a newsletter (I get stuck). Any updates I would have sent would...
Last Summer Days

Happy Summer

Ok, the end of summer, but there are still a few lovely weeks left. Did you get away or enjoy a staycation? Where did you go? What memories did you make?   As mentioned in my July newsletter, Klaus and I...
Happy Summer

Happy Summer 2022

I am happy to report my mental health is about to get better. While you are reading this informative newsletter, please read to the bottom, and I hope you enjoy it, I will be on holiday.  Way back in 2019...
Life is good on a coffee mug

The Times are changing… Again 

My past couple newsletters were about rates, economy and math; this newsletter will be a little more positive.  The past couple of months have passed in a blur. There were good days, busy days, frustrating days and days when I...
Amoritization Example

The Tale Of Two Amortization Schedules As A Guideline; 

The Two Amortization Schedules Are Based On A Mortgage Of $750,000.00 – 25 Year Amortization Remember, when looking at the amortization schedule, you can create your payment as long as it’s above the minimum required. Look at the total interest paid over the five-year...
Cherry Blossoms in Bloom, May Newsletter

May Day! May Day

May Day, May Day! No, not really. But Mother Nature could turn up the heat a little, burrr.   Since the global financial crisis of 2008, we have been enjoying the high life; yes, yes, we have. Money has been...