Paying Property Taxes in Ottawa What are your choices?

Property taxes are a MAJOR monthly expense for all homeowners. The collection and portion of monthly property taxes are out of our control, but we have outlined below several payment options for your review...

Do You Know The Difference Between A Mortgage Broker and A Bank Mortgage Specialist?

I like to say, “I’m a one-trick pony.” Why? All I know is mortgages; this is what I do. It’s what I’ve done for the past fifteen years. I do not offer bank accounts, GICs, or RSP’s; although I […]

Mortgage Application Process

To help you understand the mortgage application process, I have created a simple outline of what you can expect to happen and when these tasks will occur.

Moving with Pets? Five MUST Do’s

I recently traveled across Canada with my pal, a four-legged, 20-pound tuxedo cat with a bad attitude, and the worse thing, he talks, yes, you heard me, he speaks. Well, not in sentences, but NOW, NO, Mama, hello. Often […]

Understand Your Credit Score And How Credit Works For You

Here's my coles notes version of how to use and keep a fantastic credit score. Below you find the technical reasons.

Fixed Vs. Variable Rate

What's better, a fixed rate or a variable/adjustable rate? 

Thinking About Purchasing, Where To Start

Are you or someone you know thinking about purchasing but don’t know where to start? See below. I am here if you have questions. Call me.

Qualifying today has never been more challenging. My initial questions would be, are you […]

Financial Stress Tips

Let’s start with a reminder. This is a judgment-free zone. Taking advantage of the financial options available to you does not make you a failure or a cheat. It makes you a person with resources.

Financial stress can take a […]


The one question that is consistent across the board and what every client wants to know, what is my payment?

My Covid Life in Images

I came home from sunny Barbados on March 10th, quarantine was not in effect that this point but knowing shelter in place and travel quarantine was coming, I quickly prepared for our isolation at home. Klaus arrived home on March 16th, and the travel quarantine clock started.