Friday Fun! Mortgage FAQ + Quiz

It's Friday. It's Covid. Lets have some fun with this little pop quiz to test your mortgage knowledge.

Home sales hit record in 2020, Canadian Real Estate Association reports

The record-shattering December marked the sixth consecutive month of year-over-year home sales hikes, after the COVID-19 pandemic led to shutdowns across the country in the key March to May home sales season.

Jacquie’s Real Life HGTV Experience!!!

If you’ve ever heard me say something like “oh, if you’re doing a major renovation, make sure your relationship is healthy” or “house building is a long, tough road but it will be worth it in the end”, you might wonder if I have a touch of personal experience behind those words of wisdom. 

Share Your Thoughts

One of my favourite things about being a mortgage broker is supporting clients AFTER their mortgage closes.

I’m here to help you in any way I can and answer any questions that might pop up throughout the year.

My business is […]

Benefits of Home Ownership

There are several reasons that home ownership can offer advantages compared to renting:

Wealth accumulation by paying down debt in the form of mortgage payments, whereas rent pays a landlord’s mortgage down.
Your credit rating improves when you own […]

How Much House Is Right For You?

Before you get your heart set on the big Colonial on the hill, you need to pin down some rather important financial details. Only then, will you know if you can afford Willow Crest or if it makes more […]

Wrapping Your Head Around Mortgage Penalties

You can scarcely go a week without hearing about mortgage rates in the news. There always seems to be something better out there! In the words of MoneySense magazine: “Being a homeowner with a mortgage can feel a bit […]

Packing Tips

I have moved, and I have moved, and I have moved. Ok, I can say this at least eight times. Some might say I could be a pro packer. I am fast efficient, and what I pack does not […]

Mortgage Porting Explained

Porting your mortgage: The ability to move your existing mortgage to your new home. Why port your mortgage? The only reason to port your mortgage to your new home is to save paying the penalty. That’s it. If you have […]

Purchase Plus Improvement

You’ve found the perfect home, but…

Oh, that kitchen needs so much work.

The carpet needs to be pulled up.

The windows are so old.

How can we afford a new roof, furnace, or cooling system?

It would be perfect if there were an […]