One Human’s Trash is Another Human’s Treasure 

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Turn Your Unwanted Possessions Into Something You Want

Have you ever considered turning your unwanted possessions into something you need? In these times of fiscal restraint, it can be hard to find ways to cover the extra expenses, but have you thought of selling things you no longer need or enjoy?

One human’s junk is another human’s treasure, and this is especially true when it comes to finding a use for items cluttering our homes. So let’s look at how you can turn your unwanted stuff into something useful and make some extra cash, with the added bonus of helping the environment. (Keeping it out of the landfill) 

Identify The Items You Wish To Sell 

The first step in getting rid of your unwanted possessions is to find the things in your home that no longer serve you. Or as Marie Kondo would say, Love. If you do not love it, don’t keep it. Only keep what you love and what is useful to you. I recommend going slowly. I have been practicing clearing out for a solid ten years. I come across something in the house,  shed, or garage that no longer holds value, I clean it up, and I give it to Klaus to take pictures of and put on Market Place. Typically whatever we post is sold quickly. We price to sell. 

Once the decision is made to get rid of the item, you have to release it. As I always say to myself and to Klaus, it only hurts while it’s in your hand. There’s no use keeping something just because you wanted to sell it for $5.00 more than your highest offer. Get rid of it. Shedding is so freeing. 

I also keep a box in the laundry room, which used to be the backdoor, but since we downsized, I do not have room. The box is for anything you want to gift or give away to the charity shop. Again, find it, wash it put it in the box. When the box is full, take it to the charity shop. Done.

Many online platforms, such as eBay and Craigslist, provide an easy way to list and sell your items. Klaus is the KING of FB Market Place, it’s easy to use, and that’s where people go to buy and sell. 

You can also post flyers in your local area with contact information if people want to pick up the item from you directly. Additionally, there are local flea markets and swap meets where you can meet people interested in buying your goods. I prefer online, but meeting new people at a flea market can be fun too.

It helps to do a little research. Knowing what similar items have sold for ensures you sell quickly for a good price. Remember, you want to list and sell quickly; this is not your full-time job. Also, if you have an item that requires shipping, be sure to factor in the postage cost when setting your prices. The key is to keep an open mind about pricing – sometimes, someone will be willing to pay more than expected for an item they want or need. And sometimes, taking less means the item is out of your hands quicker.

Recap: 1. Locate the unwanted item – 2. Clean the item – 3. Take clear pictures – 4. Research a little – 5. Post 6. Sell and caching

Trading Your Items 

Suppose you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling an item and dealing with customers. In that case, trading might be your answer, allowing you to exchange one item for another without dealing with money transactions. It’s a great way to eliminate things that may not be worth much but still have value in someone else’s eyes – making it a win-win situation for both parties involved!

A popular platform for trading goods online is Freecycle, which helps connect people looking for items they need with those trying to get rid of them. This website also offers an option where users can donate their items instead of trading them – making it perfect for those who want to declutter their home without any strings attached! Another great platform for trading goods is Swapity or SlowOttawa. Here, users will post pictures and descriptions of their items alongside what they’re looking for in return, creating a hassle-free way of exchanging goods without worrying about money transactions or shipping costs!

Decluttering spaces brings peace of mind – not only does it make life easier by removing physical clutter from our lives, but it also has psychological benefits too! Removing unused or unwanted possessions can make us feel lighter and more organized and give us a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, by selling or trading our old belongings, we can also make money or get something new out of the process – allowing us to turn something old into something new again! So why not give one human’s junk another chance at life? With the right tools and platforms available online today, turning unwanted possessions into helpful something has never been easier!

Real-life Example

A couple of weeks ago, we started cleaning up from the fall, as winter came early to Kelowna. 

We found the following: a large swinging hammock; not used in 3 years. Walter’s training gate; had not been used in a year, and the patio umbrella, was tucked in the corner of the garage, not used in 5 years. 

Klaus posted to FB Marketplace – within a week, all three items were sold. 

We needed a new battery for the tent trailer for camping. We bought a new one for $80.00; it was listed for $100.00, and we went for a beautiful drive to Peachland and had lunch at one of our favourite restaurants. This a WIN for so many people; the three people who bought our items, the man who sold us his battery and the restaurant that took our money that supported the community, the trickle-down effect of this simple concept is huge. More importantly, we have three fewer items taking up space in our home and pressure off my shoulders.  Give it a try, and tell me how it went. I want to know what your win is.

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