Mortgage Repayment(s) – The Perfect Holiday Gift

Let me show you why making a prepayment on your mortgage may just be the best holiday gift you can get yourself this season!

Back By Popular Demand

Have you ever put off doing something so long that it became embarrassing, but you had to jump in and do it anyway? That’s how I felt about writing this months newsletter, embarrassed because it has been so long. […]

Bank Of Canada Increase, What Does It Mean For You?

Yesterday, the Bank of Canada increased the overnight lending rate by .25%. What does this mean to you? If you have a line of credit or a variable or adjustable rate mortgage you will see an increase in your payment next month. How much of an increase will you see?

Why Choose An Accelerated Payment?

Accelerated payments are payments that increase slightly to allow you to pay down your mortgage faster. There are two common types of accelerated payments: bi-weekly and weekly...

Are we Mom broke or “actually” broke?

I mentioned last month that some people are choosing to stay in their home, renovating and making it their dream home. If you are interested in looking at you renovation options, finding the funds and how the process works, give me a call, I’m happy to help.

I keep a box at the backdoor

Spring is in the air!  It is Spring, isn’t it? April has always been somewhat of a ‘bipolar’ month.  One minute glorious or warm, and the next minute freezing rain, snow and cold.  When it’s not going back and […]

Spring Market Madness?

If you are a realtor in Ottawa and you are working with clients that are purchasing a home under $450,000.00 it will seem like madness. Due to the qualifying changes, we have seen a surge in multiple offers for […]

What’s going on with interest rates and how high will they go?

Happy February!

One of the issues that seem to be front and centre right now is interest rates, where are they going? How high can they go? Will we see a return of the 1980’s interest rates? Most importantly, am […]

Bank of Canada Increase, What does it mean to you?

Once again with Bank of Canada has raised it’s overnight lending rate and Benchmark. Benchmark* is now 5.14% (This is the rate used to qualify for a mortgage) Prime is currently 3.45%.

Frugal Tips

2018! Do you remember when you were a kid and 2010 was so far away? And now, here we are 2018 with two more years until 2020. Each year I name my year, I give it a title, something to keep me mindful of my goal(s). This year the title is “Frugality Continues” my path to financial freedom. I’m not going to get preachy, (well maybe a little), but I like to call it passion. wink