About Frugal Tips
Over the next year, I will be sharing stories about the “Solvent family” and their adventures in financial literacy. The purpose is to assist you with financial wisdom,  support, and tips on how to keep your money in your pocket.

I will be running a contest each month for the best money saving tip. It must be simple and easy for anyone to do, so send in those suggestions using the e-form below. I’ll also be looking for questions.  They will be kept anonymous so ask away.  The prize each month will be fun and frivolous.

My January Tip
Collect ALL the bills and statements in your home for the last six months. I mean all of them, the hydro, gas, Visa, chequing account, Rogers, all of them. Now pour yourself your beverage of choice, again, I won’t judge. If you have a budget, excel sheet, great. If you don’t, download one below in Excel or PDF.

Now let’s look at where your money is going. How often do you go to Tim’s? How much are you paying in bank fees? How much are you paying in interest? Where can you shave some costs? I know for our home, it was increasing our internet and ridding ourselves of cable. When you take a six-month look at your spending, it’s amazing what you will discover; I challenge you to do this.

If you email me that you’ve completed this challenge and tell me your one thing, the one thing that you will change that will make a difference in your bottom line; I’ll send one lucky person a reward. WARNING: looking at your spending for six months is not for the faint of heart, it’s tough. But you can do it! I’m here for you.

Download Excel or Download PDF


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