Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance Checklist

I hope this email finds you well and ready to roll-up your sleeves. As a homeowner, you may find it challenging to keep track of the numerous maintenance tasks required to keep your home healthy and in tip-top shape. Trust me, I can relate to this – and I have a helpful resource to make…


Housing Market Reports & More

The economy is wonky. It has been wonky for a while, and with that, inflation is on the rise, causing speculation and concern. But will it continue to rise? Maybe? Who knows?

 Canada Housing Market: Slower Price Growth

Just when you thought you heard enough about housing, here’s more. 

What really happened in 2020?? 

For those who are statistics minded. Find the Residential Mortgage Industry Report for 2020.


Hello Pumpkin Spice

The leaves are turning, the kids are back in school, the thoughts of the pending holidays tinkering in the back of your head, or maybe it’s just me? I love this time of year, so fresh; the welcomed cooler air for sleeping and the changing colours, so stunning, even the pumpkin spice anything.  September signals…

building wealth

6 Ways for Homeowners to Build Wealth

1. Speed up your mortgage pay down.  Change your mortgage payment from monthly to bi-weekly accelerated = this shaves 2.5 years of interest.  Put “found” money such as a pay raise, a gift or inheritance towards your RSP and use the tax refund it generates to pay down your mortgage principal. WIN-WIN Increase your mortgage…

pig running on treadmill

Six Tips for Financial Fitness This Fall

The Fall has always been a great time to go back to school on financial fitness, and this year it may be more critical than ever.


Did You See The Pandemic Coming?

How a good mortgage strategy can protect you during times of uncertainty.


Happy Summer!!

Hooooorayyy! With the lightening of restrictions and the ability to move around, see our friends, family, the people love and want to hug. I missed hugs; life appears to be returning to normal, and thank goodness, maybe the MLS porn phase is over, well maybe reduced as we focus more on summer and getting outdoors. …


Who wants to be a mortgage broker??? I do, I do!

One of the hardest things I have to do in my job is to explain why someone does not qualify for a mortgage.