Sometimes it feels like we don’t have a choice. We’re expected to just take what the banks give us, and accept it.

But I’m telling you, you do have a choice.

You’re not bound by what the bank offers you.

I understand that shopping around can take some time. It can take some effort to decipher the various mortgage products, terms, penalties and fine print. And did I mention the time involved?

That’s where a mortgage broker comes in. Imagine how much time it would take to research, analyze and compare the various products and do the legwork to with multiple lenders, just around Ottawa.

There’s a better way, Ottawa

I have access to over 40 different lenders from across Canada, and most lenders I deal with are only available to mortgage brokers. They’re called Monoline lenders, and they generally offer a superior choice than what you’ll find at your average bank.


Monoline lenders deal strictly with mortgages. They’re not going to solicit you to open a chequing or savings account, buy RRSPs and RESPs, apply for a credit card, open a line of credit, buy insurance, or any other manner of business banks deal in these days.

Monoline lenders generally have better rates. For all the marketing the big banks conduct boasting about their rates, monoline lenders are usually better.

Monoline lenders also have better terms and lesser penalties. They’ll give you the option to pay your mortgage off quicker, without a major penalty.

Why choosing a mortgage broker is a better option

Overall, monoline lenders are just a better option than the big 6 banks. They’re great Canadian companies offering great mortgage choices. And ONLY mortgage brokers can access them.

With the number of lenders available to Canadian brokers, I can pick and choose the best products from each lender, and evaluate their terms and penalties. More lenders mean more choices for you.

Self employed mortgage

More options and more choices are especially important if you’re self-employed. It’s easy to get discouraged with the process and regulations if you’re self-employed and looking to qualify for a mortgage in Canada.

That’s why I frequently recommend monoline lender products for self-employed clients. They consistently offer better alternatives with superior rates and terms. I’ve had many self-employed clients enter my office disheartened, only to leave empowered and enlightened to the possibilities.

So yes, you DO have a choice. There are better mortgage options out there. But you won’t hear about them from your bank.

But first, choose the broker!