It’s about Knowledge, Convenience and Choice!

I am often asked why people should use a Mortgage Broker instead of going to their banking institution.

Mortgage Brokers do not work for any specific lending establishment and typically we do not lend money but rather put you in touch with those who do.

Brokers are aware of private lenders that you may not be able to find on your own. As an Ottawa Mortgage Broker, it is my role to find the lender with the terms and rates that best suit your needs.

“Jacquie provided me with service far exceeding what my bank offered. She listened to my needs and provided me a better set of options”. – Mark

Sometimes it’s easier to determine if a Mortgage Broker is right for you by comparing services offered from a Banking Institution versus the services available when you work with a broker.


Major Bank Personnel

Access to numerous lenders and products No access – limited access to products outside their own
Exclusive Broker Products No Access to Broker Products
Works on behalf of the client Works on behalf of the Bank
Work 7 days a week with extended hours Limited Bank / Branch hours
Instant Access to new programs New programs may not be available
Even though you will have access to many lenders, your credit report will only be requested once If you are looking at various financial institutions for the best mortgage, your credit report will be requested each time, which may have a negative effect on your credit rating
You get the best rate! You don’t have to ask for it. You have to ask for the best rate and even then it might not be the best or lowest
If rates drop before closing, you get the new lower rate If rates drop before closing you already signed the contract so are entitled to the new rate
Brokers build long term relationships
Options! we find a lender to fit your unique needs
Brokers know that mortgages are more then just rates
We can travel to you