Want to decrease your monthly payments and increase your monthly cash flow?

Debt consolidation using your home equity can be a smart way of achieving both.

With a refinance mortgage, you can make a strong, positive difference on your family’s financial situation.

Debt Consolidation Can:

  • Help increase your credit score
  • Offer simplicity of one payment per month
  • Help pay down your principal faster
  • Make cash available for emergencies
  • Reduce personal stress

Below is an example of how this might change your monthly cash flow, and ultimately, the quality of your life.



House Value $280,000 House Value $280,000
Mortgage Balance $180,000 NEW Mortgage balance $240,000
Interest Rate 5.69% Interest Rate 3.29%
Mortgage Payment $1120 NEW Mortgage Payment $1170
Accumulated Debt Payment ($60,000) $1800 Debt Payments $0.00
TOTAL Payments $2920 TOTAL Payments $1170
TOTAL Monthly Savings $1750


If you believe debt consolidation is right for you, or to discuss it further, contact me.