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When you Remortgage Your Home

Remortgage for a Refreshing Solution
When life throws you lemons use your home equity to make lemonade!

Your home equity can provide much needed financial support when it matters most, and a refinance mortgage can be the perfect solution to a touch […]

Mortgage Transfers Make Sense

You have more choices than you think
Need help with getting a mortgage but know you need a new financial partner?

A mortgage transfer from another financial institution is easy and there are many reasons why you might want to do […]

Think you’re out of options? If You’re Self Employed, a Mortgage is Still Possible

Can I Get a Mortgage?
Self employed mortgage? You’re thinking there’s no way.

You’re thinking, with your credit rating, nobody’s going to approve you for a mortgage. Or you’re self-employed and don’t know where to start when trying to prove your […]

Understanding the Credit Bureau

If you are looking for a mortgage Ottawa residents would do well to understand the Credit Bureau.

A credit bureau is a company that collects information from various sources and provides consumer credit information on individual consumers for a variety […]

It’s Time to Renew

Don’t Fall For the Trap
A renewal is like a fresh start, so don’t get caught by the banks!

When a term is coming to a close, most Canadian banks will send a mortgage renewal notice in the mail a few […]

Debt Consolidation

Want to decrease your monthly payments and increase your monthly cash flow?

Debt consolidation using your home equity can be a smart way of achieving both.

With a refinance mortgage, you can make a strong, positive difference on your family’s financial […]

Understanding Your Credit Score

Driven by the financial industries desire for an equitable method of comparing the credit worthiness of borrowers, Fair Isaac & Co developed a credit measurement tool in the 1950′s called the FICO score in Canada it’s called a Beacon score.

Today it […]

How to Get a Mortgage: The Credit Bureau

Mortgages Made Easy
If there’s one organization people are afraid of, it is often the “Credit Bureau”. But usually, that’s because they are not well understood.

A credit bureau is a company that collects information from various sources and provides consumer […]

It’s about Knowledge, Convenience and Choice!

It’s about Knowledge, Convenience and Choice!
I am often asked why people should use a Mortgage Broker instead of going to their banking institution.

Mortgage Brokers do not work for any specific lending establishment and typically we do not lend money […]

First Time Home Buyers

How to Get a Mortgage
Are you tired of renting and are ready to buy? Want to become a first time home buyer?  Great!

Buying your first home is a big financial decision and can be an overwhelming process, but with […]