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Your mortgage rate is too high? Focusing on the rate alone can cost you more

In Ottawa, when the Bank of Canada announces a change in its prime-lending rate, it’s always big news.
The Mortgage Rate is Always News
The media seeks out analysis from economists and banking and business experts. Inevitably, talk turns to how […]

You can’t beat the mortgage broker

One of the biggest misconceptions clients have is the difference between mortgage brokers and banks. Or rather, the lack thereof.

Many just don’t know the difference. All they’re wondering is how to get a mortgage. That’s understandable because frankly, when […]

Choice is good: Why would you limit your options?

“I’ve been banking with (fill-in-the-big-6-bank-name) for over 10/20/30 years!” So why choose a mortgage broker Ottawa? Here’s why!
Mortgage Brokers give you choice
I hear this all the time. You’re loyal to your bank. Maybe your first savings account was opened […]

When you Remortgage Your Home

Remortgage for a Refreshing Solution
When life throws you lemons use your home equity to make lemonade!

Your home equity can provide much needed financial support when it matters most, and a refinance mortgage can be the perfect solution to a touch […]

Mortgage Transfers Make Sense

You have more choices than you think
Need help with getting a mortgage but know you need a new financial partner?

A mortgage transfer from another financial institution is easy and there are many reasons why you might want to do […]

Think you’re out of options? If You’re Self Employed, a Mortgage is Still Possible

Can I Get a Mortgage?
Self employed mortgage? You’re thinking there’s no way.

You’re thinking, with your credit rating, nobody’s going to approve you for a mortgage. Or you’re self-employed and don’t know where to start when trying to prove your […]

Understanding the Credit Bureau

If you are looking for a mortgage Ottawa residents would do well to understand the Credit Bureau.

A credit bureau is a company that collects information from various sources and provides consumer credit information on individual consumers for a variety […]

It’s Time to Renew

Don’t Fall For the Trap
A renewal is like a fresh start, so don’t get caught by the banks!

When a term is coming to a close, most Canadian banks will send a mortgage renewal notice in the mail a few […]

Debt Consolidation

Want to decrease your monthly payments and increase your monthly cash flow?

Debt consolidation using your home equity can be a smart way of achieving both.

With a refinance mortgage, you can make a strong, positive difference on your family’s financial […]

Understanding Your Credit Score

Driven by the financial industries desire for an equitable method of comparing the credit worthiness of borrowers, Fair Isaac & Co developed a credit measurement tool in the 1950′s called the FICO score in Canada it’s called a Beacon score.

Today it […]