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Are you working with the right mortgage lender?

Is your current mortgage lender REALLY the best one for you?

Do they have your best interest at heart?

I’m not going to tell you your current lender is wrong for you. You may have made the best decision at the […]

6 Mortgage myths our friends and families tell us

Our family and friends mean well, but unless they’re mortgage specialists, they’re probably going to give you advice that’s more myth than fact.

Here are some of the most common ones. 
“The market’s going to crash”
We’ve been hearing this for decades […]

When it’s time to rebuild: Using your mortgage to recover financially

Your mortgage is probably the largest debt you’ll ever take on. Signing a binding contract that instantly puts you hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt can be a daunting notion, even for those who aren’t first-time homebuyers.

But taking […]

Pragmatic advice in tough financial times

We all fall on hard times.

All. Of. Us.

Even some of the world’s wealthiest people have made and lost fortunes. But many, facing tough times and having to start over from nothing, were able to bounce back and remake fortunes […]

Do I really have a choice? Mortgage options lenders can’t provide

Sometimes it feels like we don’t have a choice. We’re expected to just take what the banks give us, and accept it.

But I’m telling you, you do have a choice.

You’re not bound by what the bank offers you.

I understand […]

My best mortgage broker moment pt. 2

In part 1, we talked about how to really understand how a good mortgage broker gets you the right mortgage, you need to understand how lenders look at you using the 5 “C’s” of credit:

Capacity – whether your […]

My best mortgage broker moment: pt. 1

Have you ever wondered if you wouldn’t be able to qualify for a mortgage, or that it would be so difficult it’s not even worth trying?

You’re not alone. Many people ask themselves the same questions – either because they’re […]

Your mortgage rate is too high? Focusing on the rate alone can cost you more

In Ottawa, when the Bank of Canada announces a change in its prime-lending rate, it’s always big news.
The Mortgage Rate is Always News
The media seeks out analysis from economists and banking and business experts. Inevitably, talk turns to how […]

You can’t beat the mortgage broker

One of the biggest misconceptions clients have is the difference between mortgage brokers and banks. Or rather, the lack thereof.

Many just don’t know the difference. All they’re wondering is how to get a mortgage. That’s understandable because frankly, when […]

Choice is good: Why would you limit your options?

“I’ve been banking with (fill-in-the-big-6-bank-name) for over 10/20/30 years!” So why choose a mortgage broker Ottawa? Here’s why!
Mortgage Brokers give you choice
I hear this all the time. You’re loyal to your bank. Maybe your first savings account was opened […]